The Great Adventure

This section outlines my goals for the rest of my educational career and my hopes for my professional career.

Now that I’m a junior with only two years left, it’s time to really line out my goals for the future. Not that I didn’t have them already defined in my head, but I feel like having them in print will make them more real and attainable.

Junior Year

  • Make a final choice between reporting and photojournalism.
  • Finish my English minor and Multicultural Certificate.
  • Strive to learn more and become better as a photographer and journalist.
  • Land an internship for Summer 2013— this one is a requirement. I am going to definitely apply for a paper in a city that I know someone. And especially someone who would let me bum on their couch.

Senior Year

  • Study abroad at the Denmark program Fall 2013— this one is also a requirement!
  • Finish hard and finish strong!

To graduate… or to go to grad school

This is where things get tricky. What do I want? The American Dream of course: good job, fun place to call home, not living pay check to pay check. But what real, defined goals do I have for this future?

I may attend the J School’s one year graduate program. Although it means an extra year in school and therefore an extra year away from a real newsroom, a graduate degree will mean a significant pay raise for me. I’ve read the statistics in several places, but according to this study conducted by Georgetown University, a journalist with a master’s degree can get a 25% pay boost (page 84 if you don’t want to skim the whole PDF). Not a bad exchange for one more year of school, I think.

The GREAT Adventure

Whether or not I go to grad school, the ultimate goal here is to get a job, a real job.

But where do I start? Although my ultimate dream job would be to work for National Geographic as a staff reporter or photographer, I have to realistically consider other options. Working for the New York Times would also be an ultimate career goal.

To achieve those goals, however, I may have to start somewhere else and work up to that point.

But where? The honest truth is, I don’t have much preference about where I end up, either as a reporter or a photographer. My only stipulation would be to get out of the Midwest area. I love it here, it’s true, but I need to get full, well-rounded experiences with the rest of the country!

That being said, I wouldn’t mind ending up in New York, Chicago, LA, Santa Fe, somewhere in Wyoming or Colorado, Miami, Dallas, or Charleston. Yeah, that really narrows it down!


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