Classmate Interview

Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve had to blog for Advanced Tech!

In this assignment we had to interview a classmate about their most favorite photo they have taken. Shelby Fiestner described to me her favorite: a picture of the hotel she had stayed at with her friend in Portland, Oregon. It was the first trip she’d paid for with her own money. She described to me the janky, sketchy hotel and how on this particular morning, the light had come through the hotel window and landed beautifully on her bed.

There are two versions of my interview: the official version, which I hate, and the fun version, which I love.

I had to make a weird cut in the middle of the video, but I wasn’t ready to show my audience her photo yet. But I had to in order to not have a jump cut or a really random transition. I opted out of using the traditional cross dissolve or fade to black because I thought it looked weird.

In the fun version, I made a cheesy “Greetings from Portland” postcard to cover the cut, and used a “flashback” transition, just for the sheer fun of it. Before everyone burns me, let’s be real: I would never do something like this for a real video.




Audio slideshow review

Here is an example of an audio slideshow.

It is also an example of what you should and shouldn’t do in an audio slideshow.

It does have several good qualities going for it. Mushroom hunting may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so how do you spice up a story about it? How can you get readers interesting in a fluffy story?

I think making an audio slideshow for this story was the best way to make it interesting and to humanize the story. Just a text story and a couple of photos with this and not one person would read it.

However, that initial good idea is where this slideshow ends… being worth watching, that is.

I’m not sure exactly what this photographer was thinking– maybe he or she thought the story was stupid, because the photos are not good. There are repeats of the two hunters in the same position over and over; the selection lacks a variety of tight, wide and medium shots. After the first minute I still don’t know what a matsutake mushroom even looks like!

The audio could be trimmed down to way less than three minutes and needs a much better edit of photos.

In summary: great subject for a slideshow, terrible quality of the actual slideshow.


Multiple flash, multiple times

Up this week was the assignment to use at least two strobes to take a photo.

I struggled with this assignment because it was hard to find a good place to do it. Carrie explained to me later that it works best in large spaces to highlight certain places.

It was a group assignment, so one of my classmates ventured out into a 36 degrees Fahrenheit night with no gloves to make this photo, in a nod to O. Winston Link, whose work we had both admired after seeing it in class. I submitted this one:

Here is the image in color and black and white. I’ve heard it both ways but I prefer the B/W. Anyone want to chime in here?

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School begins again…

Well, what do you know. I’m already a week and a half into my fall semester. When’s Thanksgiving break again…?

I’m glad I’ve held on to this blog. It turns out, I need it for another journalism class! This semester I am enrolled in Advanced Techniques in Photojournalism (from now on, it will be referred to as Advanced Tech). This course is going to teach me all about lighting, which is wonderful. I’m looking forward to expanding my skill-set!

Final Budget

My last post for a while is a finalized budget of how our project turned out!

Most of what we determined in our previous budget stayed the same. Katie did the article and got our wordpress site started. She was the one who typed up the summaries for each section and the glossary, although we all helped with the glossary. We met to decide the website and figure out how we wanted it to look.

Luke was in charge of the video. He did most of it on his own with Katie as a voice over. He had to use one of my interviews for his audio but he traded me for natural sound, because I was unable to get that.

I was in charge of the audio slideshow and the photo gallery. I gathered photos from two practices and their first match at Mizzou. I also gathered four audio interviews. I am going to go back through the slideshow and tweak a few things.

We did not quite meet our own deadline but we finished the project before it was due. We met the night before and worked on it to finalize everything and clean up little messes.

Here it is!

Final Project Budget

Headline: MU Catches the Snitch

Slug: MU Quidditch
Text story: As a sport from a fictional book, we will explore how MU began a Quidditch team, who the players are, and who they compete against. We will also follow them during practice and see how they adapted the fictional sport to be played on the ground.
Writer: Katie Roach
Editor: Luke Leonard and Jessica Salmond
Due date: April 20th, 2012

Stills Slug: Photographs will depict the team practice and interaction. Detail shots will include pictures of equipment, and wide shots showing the Quad, where they practice and shots of some of the players in action.
Photographer: Jessica Salmond
Editors: Luke and Katie
Assignment dates: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays at 5pm (time of team practice).
Due Date: April 20th, 2012

Video Slug: Film will show exactly how the game is played. By filming actual Quidditch matches, we can give our audience a better understanding of the rules, strategies, and team interaction. Close up shots of the equipment and play will also be included.
Videographer: Luke Leonard
Assignment dates: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays at 5pm.
Editor: Luke, Jessica and Katie
Due Date: April 20th, 2012

Final Deadline: April 22nd, 2012
Copy Editor: All team members.
Web page designer: Primary – Katie Roach. Jessica and Luke as secondary designers.
Usability Testing: April 22, 2012
Finish Date: April 22, 2012

We’ll need to have all members involved in the publication to consent to being shown in photographs and in video for our project. After we speak to the team we will ask whether they are okay with it and if they want to they can sign to the following agreement.

I, as a person depicted in the web publication “MU Catches the Snitch”, give permission for my photographs and opinions to be published to public domain. I also give permission for the use of footage I am depicted in, in the publication, to be used as necessary for the production of “MU Catches the Snitch”.

Story ideas blog assignment

It’s almost time to start our group final project! I have to bring some ideas to the table. Here’s one I thought of.

Idea #1: Zumba studio down on College

1. Mission Statement

Show the importance of exercise… and show that it can be fun too!

2. Question List

How long has Zumba been around? Why is it so popular? Who does it attract?

3.  make your pitch:

Zumba is a new dance exercise. It is a growing area of fitness. It combines modern music with many traditional dance moves to make a work out. As the nation teeters with obesity is some and health awareness in others, this new, fun method of working out may help many stay in shape and feel good.

4. Resource inventory

Instructors, Zumba dancers, nutritionists, etc. A Zumba session is visually and auditory rich.