Painting with Light

Our painting with light lab had to be one of the coolest assignments we’ve done so far. After a cookout with good food and good company, we packed up our gear and traveled to the eerie Katy Trail tunnel in Rocheport, Mo. We divided into two groups and took turns being the photographers and the artists.

These techniques were accomplished by setting the shutter speed down to bulb and keeping the ISO low as well. Our classmates posed, threw balloons, and played with light while we left the shutter open. The end result was very playful!

Then we had to turn in a “real” assignment we completed with our final group team. Here’s ours.

No photoshop

With photoshop


Lighting diagram




Guitar Lessons

Here’s a heads-up for what we’ll be going into during class. I found a wonderful example of the marriage of audio and photography in soundslides.

The story is an 80 year old woman who decided she finally had the time to take guitar lessons. She is adorable, especially since the whole group of people is mostly older women. The slideshow is easy to listen and watch, if maybe a little slower than normal. It is a good tempo for the audio and subject matter.

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Visual storytelling

First, I want to share with you all a link to a YouTube account I stumbled upon today. There are many informative videos here! One was even about wide, medium, and tight shots, just like our last assignment. If you’re interested in watching photography tip videos, click here.

This week in lecture Professor Rita Reed spoke to us about visual storytelling. One of her points was that still photos can reveal relationships in a way that words never can. It can also express emotion, feelings, and a sense of place; many other forms of story telling cannot compare to conveying a story through photography.

She then went into the details of telling a story with photos. She called it the “Life magazine formula,” or the various photos you have to get in order to make a story:

  • Sense of place- Overall establishing shot
  • Relevant detail
  • Portrait
  • Interaction in a medium shot
  • Lede
  • Clincher

With all these in mind, I set out to find an example of a good visual story! YouTube is a great place to look, and here’s one that I found. 

Now I am sure there’s millions of examples I could choose from, but I especially liked this example. One reason is the subject matter– a story about a local business and the family and community tied into it. Human interest stories are my favorite; while they may not be hard-hitting journalism, I find them to be the most captivating. Another reason a human interest story caught my eye is that these are the types of subjects I’m looking to do my J2150 final project on. A third reason I liked this was it contained each element of Professor Reed’s Life magazine formula. The photographer got many of the “3 shots,” and also many interaction and portrait photos. The simplicity of black and white photographs was simply beautiful to me.

Try going through the video and picking out Professor Reed’s formula!