Classmate Interview

Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve had to blog for Advanced Tech!

In this assignment we had to interview a classmate about their most favorite photo they have taken. Shelby Fiestner described to me her favorite: a picture of the hotel she had stayed at with her friend in Portland, Oregon. It was the first trip she’d paid for with her own money. She described to me the janky, sketchy hotel and how on this particular morning, the light had come through the hotel window and landed beautifully on her bed.

There are two versions of my interview: the official version, which I hate, and the fun version, which I love.

I had to make a weird cut in the middle of the video, but I wasn’t ready to show my audience her photo yet. But I had to in order to not have a jump cut or a really random transition. I opted out of using the traditional cross dissolve or fade to black because I thought it looked weird.

In the fun version, I made a cheesy “Greetings from Portland” postcard to cover the cut, and used a “flashback” transition, just for the sheer fun of it. Before everyone burns me, let’s be real: I would never do something like this for a real video.




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