Audio slideshow review

Here is an example of an audio slideshow.

It is also an example of what you should and shouldn’t do in an audio slideshow.

It does have several good qualities going for it. Mushroom hunting may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so how do you spice up a story about it? How can you get readers interesting in a fluffy story?

I think making an audio slideshow for this story was the best way to make it interesting and to humanize the story. Just a text story and a couple of photos with this and not one person would read it.

However, that initial good idea is where this slideshow ends… being worth watching, that is.

I’m not sure exactly what this photographer was thinking– maybe he or she thought the story was stupid, because the photos are not good. There are repeats of the two hunters in the same position over and over; the selection lacks a variety of tight, wide and medium shots. After the first minute I still don’t know what a matsutake mushroom even looks like!

The audio could be trimmed down to way less than three minutes and needs a much better edit of photos.

In summary: great subject for a slideshow, terrible quality of the actual slideshow.



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