Multiple flash, multiple times

Up this week was the assignment to use at least two strobes to take a photo.

I struggled with this assignment because it was hard to find a good place to do it. Carrie explained to me later that it works best in large spaces to highlight certain places.

It was a group assignment, so one of my classmates ventured out into a 36 degrees Fahrenheit night with no gloves to make this photo, in a nod to O. Winston Link, whose work we had both admired after seeing it in class. I submitted this one:

Here is the image in color and black and white. I’ve heard it both ways but I prefer the B/W. Anyone want to chime in here?

And the lighting diagram…

I also tried my hand at taking a portrait for this assignment. I was not happy with the photo, really, but the man I met in the process was an amazing member of society. Not only did he vote on Election Day, he is a Grand Mason with the Prince Hall Grand Masonic Lodge (the first Black Masonic Lodge), but he also works at the Armory in Columbia. He is trying to help the kids that attend the Armory’s classes develop a simple newspaper-type media.

Here he is. It was an okay portrait but I don’t like the harshness of the side flash.

So, as it’s gone with me for the last few assignments, it takes me at least two tries to get it right!

I also took this one of my roommate marrying her friends (Congrats!)

Anatole is overcome by emotion as his bride-to-be Rachel tells him her vows. Neither wrote their vows before the ceremony; they both decided to let them come straight from the heart.


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