I had a dream once…

… That shooting with flash wouldn’t be too bad.

That dream turned into a nightmare in real life. I’m not sure if I’ve ever so spectacularly failed at anything photo-related thus far! I guess everyone has to do a belly-flop once in a while.

The whole time I was taking photos, I had to think so hard. It made it more difficult to think about the shot itself when I was so concerned about getting the light right. The few times I did get it right, I felt like it happened by accident!

My biggest complaints are the harshness of the light and avoiding shadows.

No matter what settings I pittled with, I could never seem to get the light to calm a little. I didn’t have anything to diffuse it with either– I’m thinking about getting one of these cute mini soft boxes.

I’m not saying this photo would be awesome without the shadows. But it would be an acceptable one without those darn shadows.


Second was avoiding shadows. This photo is a good example. I like the way the light is hitting everyone, but the shadows in the back are horrendous (and embarrassing). I feel like everywhere I moved, I still got the shadows.

I did take photos of my dog; They came out well. And since he’s so handsome, I’ll let you guys see him for yourself.

So Charlie is technically my roommate’s dog. But I pretend anyway!


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