The Scavenger Hunt

Part one of my first assignment was a crazy scavenger hunt across campus, doing copy work and some nutty self portraits!

At another time, I would have had a lot of fun figuring out the riddles and finding the clues– as it was, I felt like I was in National Treasure. However, I returned from a family funeral late Wednesday. I was determined to turn in the project on time and rushed to get it done on Thursday before class.

Taking some of the photos was difficult– especially inside the Shack. My brother had already carved our family name into wood there, so I chose to photograph his work. However, it was so dark. I didn’t want to bump my ISO past 800 and I felt like all the pictures I took in there were terrible. But I was in such a hurry and so stressed to just take the photos and run than I didn’t take the time to slow down, take a breath and fiddle with my settings until something came out that I liked.

If I could do the project over again, I would try to take more time setting up a shot, working with my camera to get the best photo I could.


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