Final Budget

My last post for a while is a finalized budget of how our project turned out!

Most of what we determined in our previous budget stayed the same. Katie did the article and got our wordpress site started. She was the one who typed up the summaries for each section and the glossary, although we all helped with the glossary. We met to decide the website and figure out how we wanted it to look.

Luke was in charge of the video. He did most of it on his own with Katie as a voice over. He had to use one of my interviews for his audio but he traded me for natural sound, because I was unable to get that.

I was in charge of the audio slideshow and the photo gallery. I gathered photos from two practices and their first match at Mizzou. I also gathered four audio interviews. I am going to go back through the slideshow and tweak a few things.

We did not quite meet our own deadline but we finished the project before it was due. We met the night before and worked on it to finalize everything and clean up little messes.

Here it is!