St. Louis

This weekend I am in St. Louis for my cousin’s wedding and to see my grandpa. I have been travelling to St. Louis all my life to visit my mom’s side of the family. I’ve visited all the key sites- the Arch, Grant’s Farm (love it, wish I could go every time), and Ted Dru’s. Many people I know from school grew up here in St. Louis, and most of them are very attached to the city and as I grow up I can see why. It’s the most Eastern West town and the most Western East town you can get. I love that combination of geographic cultures. The many different ethnic cultures create a bustling, diverse environment. Although I don’t believe I want to live in St. Louis permanently, I think it would be really fun to get an internship here. Maybe I could even stay with my grandpa and get to have some quality time with him to deepen our relationship. I will try to apply for internships in St. Louis this year!


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