Quidditch… in real life

My group is doing our final project on the Mizzou Quidditch team. Today I photographed their first-ever home match.

How awesome is that?! A real life quidditch team? I love Harry Potter and watching them play the wizarding sport made me want to go home and have a Harry Potter marathon. Even though it seems hard to take the idea seriously, the game was anything but lighthearted. Just like any other sport, the team was serious about competing, working together, and gaining possession of the quaffle. It takes a lot of energy– I was out of breath just watching them! Mizzou won all three rounds of their match, even when they traded some players with Webster. The game was complete with seekers and a Snitch– of course, there is no such thing as a flying ball with its own personality.The Snitch has to be played by a very fit person, because they spend most of the game running away from the seekers. Just like in Harry Potter, catching the Snitch ends the game.

Covering a quidditch match has to be one of the most fun things I have ever done at Mizzou. I wasn’t the only one- several other photographers and videographers were there, along with broadcasters from the MU TV channel. One of them even put on a British accent during his coverage to make the game that much more legitimate.

Over all, it was a great way for this Muggle to spend a Saturday afternoon.


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