Group final project post

For our final project, my group has selected a Columbia resident who makes his own violins. He sounds so fascinating! I have found so many interesting and creative, unique individuals in my journey through the J-School. I am also interested in this subject because although I do not really play any instruments, I have always had a great desire to learn to play the violin. I think it can make the most beautiful music possible. I could sit and listen to someone play for a very long time.

The three of us work very well together and each have a separate talent to bring to the table. We are each specialized into videography, photography, and writing. I know that our combined skills will help us attain a successful final project.

Our mission statement is:

Quality craftsmanship and tradesmen skills are disappearing with the growth and advancement of industrialization and technologies, so it is important to retain the passion and care that characterizes traditional production.

Five general questions we hope to answer with our project are:

1. How does a traditional craftsman compete with mass production?
2. Do people still appreciate handcrafted products or is general modern society content with something made by a machine with thousands just the same?
3. What kinds of new skills does he have to develop to keep up? Advertising, social media, using the internet?
4. What are the differences between a mass-produced product and a handcrafted product in terms of quality?
5. Who makes up his customer-base? Is interest in handcrafted instruments decreasing with each generation?

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