Twitter News Quiz 1… Glitter bomb

About a month ago, one of our news quiz questions asked what the implications of glitter bombing someone was, especially a politician. To be honest, I got that question wrong. I later found out that it is the act of throwing glitter on a politician who is anti- same sex marriage or homophobic.

Although it is a relatively harmless method of protest, I’m surprised at the lack of attention it has gotten. If the glitter-bombers are caught, they get a slap on the wrist. They may get an escort out or in the case of one of Mitt Romney’s bombers, may get in a little more trouble. I honestly find it funny, and harmless. However, I feel like there is a double standard in the media.

If a protester were to shower a gay person with glitter to show their opinion on homosexuality, I feel like everyone would blow up with the injustice and homophobic-ness of it. The protester would probably be condemned as a homophobic radical conservative and have to apologize publicly. The whole LGBTQQA community would rise up and protest anti-gay glittering.

But if it’s someone glittering a politician because of their conservative views, it’s a slightly-criminal novelty. Sure, when that person gets caught, they might be charged with assault. Romney’s bomber was fired from his internship. But, it does not get any attention. No one accuses the glitter-bomber of not respecting someone else’s opinions.

This double standard of the media is something I am struggling with as I continue my education in the J-School. I have no problem with same-sex marriage, I really don’t. I don’t think the government should be able to decide who can get married and who can’t. Some of my other beliefs however may be unpopular. Do I have to put all my personal beliefs aside, even though no one else does? I’m a Catholic- strike one. I hate reading articles that involve Catholics because the bias of the journalist is so obvious it’s laughable. I don’t think I have read a nation-wide story that doesn’t show the Catholic Church as being full of molesters (yes, it did happen. But do you know how many priests there are, and how many haven’t done such a despicable thing? A lot), or anti-woman, or anti- rights, or anti- change, on and on and on. What journalists fail to write about is the good things the Church has done– supporting the Catholic Church is rarely a popular idea in journalism.

So, how do I become a successful journalist without having to sacrifice my own believes? I think I can still report on things I do not personally agree with. What I’m saying here, is that if your opinion is conservative, everyone else doesn’t seem to grant you the right to your opinion. You’re just wrong. I wouldn’t call myself a conservative, although some things I believe in lean that way. But instead of being respected, if not agreed with, for my beliefs, I’m just wrong. I respect other people’s beliefs, even if I don’t agree. Many times I can understand exactly why they would feel the way they do, even if I don’t. I believe I can give them understanding and equality. How come I can’t receive it in return? Even by posting this opinion on my blog, I am wary of the reaction I will get.


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