One of our reading this week is about the rise of mobile journalism. One of the readings applauded the iPhone in this new medium and all the apps to make your mobile journalism  even better.

Unfortunately… I don’t have an iPhone. Shocking, I know. I really haven’t jumped on the bandwagon for them either. Part of the reason is that I use a really small cell phone provider that is about 10 years behind the times. It’s a great place… but no iPhones. That’s the number one reason. I can’t afford to get off my parent’s plan and pay for my own, so I’m probably going to stick with it as long as I can.

The number two reason is that… well, to be honest, iPhones just annoy me. They are overpriced and overrated. It I hear one more person say they 1. I broke it, 2. I lost it, 3. It broke… It’s a really expensive phone!! For goodness sake, be more careful with it!

I also don’t want to be that culture of iPhon-ians who are constantly checking Facebook, Twitter, etc. I know as a journalist, mobile updates will be important. But I don’t want to be addicted to my phone.

I really want a Blackberry. They’re simple, and professional, and compact. They have developed more apps now, so I can probably still check email and Twitter. Also, my current provider has Blackberries. But I feel like that would be pointless because everyone has an iPhone. Any thoughts?



One thought on “iPhone…?

  1. iPhone schmi-phone. I agree. All the rage and more of a thing than a necessity. Heck I just got texting last year. I am looking at the Android phones, a good alternative. Good OS, plenty of apps. Haven’t looked at Blackberry, mainly cause I don’t like their keypad setups on their phones usually. My ideal right now would be a slider keyboard with fairly big touchscreen, similar to the one I have now.

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