An inspiring story

Stumbled across this couple’s story on twitter, you can read it here.

A couple, Fred Baldwin and Wendy Watriss, changed their world. As a pair of journalists and photographers, they had an opportunity to cover many important events, such as the Agent Orange controversy in Vietnam and Martin Luther King here in the states. The pair of them had what I consider to be the ultimate journalist’s dream: to both immerse oneself in the world and use one’s talents to change what’s around you.

Being an agent of change isn’t the first reason I wanted to be a photojournalist. I chose this field originally because I was good at photography, and good at writing, and the two combined happened to work out. But as my days in the J-School pass and I am exposed to more and more people like Baldwin and Watriss, I begin to want what they worked to hard so achieve: to be an agent of change.

Baldwin and Watriss were dedicated. They spent years of their life living with other people to fully understand what that lifestyle was like. They not only covered their community but they became a part of it. The people around the couple trusted them so much that they began to get requests to help their community fight social battles. How did they do it? What was it like? Campus hosts hundreds of lectures, and I’ll admit I never attend, but if these two came to Mizzou I would drop everything to listen to them talk about their experiences.


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