A Good Example and the Missouri Method

Want to look at amazing, awe-inspiring photos while crying because the likelihood of you ever being that good are slim? Try National Geographic’s Photo of the Day. Always breathtaking, amazing, and spectacular. I have always looked up to National Geographic; when I first got into photography and photojournalism, wildlife photography and journalism about wildlife was something I was really into. I used to say my dream would be to work for National Geographic, and I suppose it still is.

Among other things, I will become fully immersed in the J-School this summer. Just a week after finals, I will become a Missourian reporter for a couple of intense weeks. I’m both nervous and excited for the experience; I love being a journalist, and talking to people to learn all about their story. What I’m the most nervous about are the expectations. I want to be the best I can be; I want to impress my editors or at least be above mediocre. But I feel like such a baby as far as a real newsroom goes. I suppose that’s the purpose of this course and of the Missouri Method.

I just keep telling myself, that as long as I do my best no one can ask any more of me!


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