The rise of technology

In this week’s lecture, we learned about new technologies that are influencing journalism. Some of them were things I’ve heard of, such as HTML5. Other new things included Gamification and Augmented Reality.

Now gamification is something I’m not sure I believe in, but augmented reality is awesome. Keith (the speaker) showed us an application called Aurasma. You can watch a video of this application at work here. As long as an image is designed for Aurasma, by hovering over the photo or advertisment with your iPhone or iPad, the application will pull up an additional video or broadcast or ad from that same photo. It’s pretty amazing. My first thoughts? Harry Potter in real life!

However, all the things he showed us really got me to thinking about my future as a journalist. Keith mentioned “life-long learning” and I realized that’s what I’m in for. There is always going to be a new technology in my life time because the world of technology is exploding with new ideas, new devices, and new tricks. I remember using floppy disks nearly 15 years ago- now everything you need can be kept on a flash drive the size of my finger! I remember thinking my walkman cassette player was the awesomest, and now you can get a cell phone that plays music, surfs the web, and takes photos all in one device.

So I might as well settle back and plan on adjusting to new technology, because it’s here to stay and growing like a weed!



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