The future is in focus

So, I can’t remember where I heard about this. But there’s a new camera in development called a Lytro, and you can change the focus of a picture after you take it.

Watch the video and read a quick article about it here.

Is this crazy or what?! I guess this post goes along with my last one about advancements in technology, but this one had a little more impact on me as a photographer. At first I thought, there’s no way this will work. But after watching the video, I knew I had to come to terms with the possibility.

As our speaker Keith mentioned, older journalists are scared to death of all the new developments. Not to sound like one of those people, but when I watched the video, it scared me to death. Yes, Lytro is in its baby stage but it will definitely get better. To sound like a traditionalist, I feel like more will be lost than gained with this new device. Where is the skill? The art? The taste? If you can change and tweak everything after the fact, then does it really take any skills to be a photographer after these hit the market?

With that said, I’m sure that’s what old photographers thought about Photoshop.


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