Twitter News Quiz 2… NYPD

In a previous news quiz, one of the questions was about NYPD and what group of people they had been secretly watching. Even out of their area, into New Jersey, NYPD was keeping a surveillance on Muslims. They went into businesses frequented by Muslims to eavesdrop, they took the license plate numbers of Muslims worshiping at mosques, and they monitored Muslim student organizations.

Here are the main articles I am using for this post. I’m listing them here for your convenience, although I linked them when I used them as well.

Huffington PostNJ.comUSA Today … Atlanta Journal-Constitution … Fox News

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Twitter News Quiz 1… Glitter bomb

About a month ago, one of our news quiz questions asked what the implications of glitter bombing someone was, especially a politician. To be honest, I got that question wrong. I later found out that it is the act of throwing glitter on a politician who is anti- same sex marriage or homophobic.

Although it is a relatively harmless method of protest, I’m surprised at the lack of attention it has gotten. If the glitter-bombers are caught, they get a slap on the wrist. They may get an escort out or in the case of one of Mitt Romney’s bombers, may get in a little more trouble. I honestly find it funny, and harmless. However, I feel like there is a double standard in the media.

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Story ideas blog assignment

It’s almost time to start our group final project! I have to bring some ideas to the table. Here’s one I thought of.

Idea #1: Zumba studio down on College

1. Mission Statement

Show the importance of exercise… and show that it can be fun too!

2. Question List

How long has Zumba been around? Why is it so popular? Who does it attract?

3.  make your pitch:

Zumba is a new dance exercise. It is a growing area of fitness. It combines modern music with many traditional dance moves to make a work out. As the nation teeters with obesity is some and health awareness in others, this new, fun method of working out may help many stay in shape and feel good.

4. Resource inventory

Instructors, Zumba dancers, nutritionists, etc. A Zumba session is visually and auditory rich.






One of our reading this week is about the rise of mobile journalism. One of the readings applauded the iPhone in this new medium and all the apps to make your mobile journalism  even better.

Unfortunately… I don’t have an iPhone. Shocking, I know. I really haven’t jumped on the bandwagon for them either. Part of the reason is that I use a really small cell phone provider that is about 10 years behind the times. It’s a great place… but no iPhones. That’s the number one reason. I can’t afford to get off my parent’s plan and pay for my own, so I’m probably going to stick with it as long as I can.

The number two reason is that… well, to be honest, iPhones just annoy me. They are overpriced and overrated. It I hear one more person say they 1. I broke it, 2. I lost it, 3. It broke… It’s a really expensive phone!! For goodness sake, be more careful with it!

I also don’t want to be that culture of iPhon-ians who are constantly checking Facebook, Twitter, etc. I know as a journalist, mobile updates will be important. But I don’t want to be addicted to my phone.

I really want a Blackberry. They’re simple, and professional, and compact. They have developed more apps now, so I can probably still check email and Twitter. Also, my current provider has Blackberries. But I feel like that would be pointless because everyone has an iPhone. Any thoughts?


A Good Example and the Missouri Method

Want to look at amazing, awe-inspiring photos while crying because the likelihood of you ever being that good are slim? Try National Geographic’s Photo of the Day. Always breathtaking, amazing, and spectacular. I have always looked up to National Geographic; when I first got into photography and photojournalism, wildlife photography and journalism about wildlife was something I was really into. I used to say my dream would be to work for National Geographic, and I suppose it still is.

Among other things, I will become fully immersed in the J-School this summer. Just a week after finals, I will become a Missourian reporter for a couple of intense weeks. I’m both nervous and excited for the experience; I love being a journalist, and talking to people to learn all about their story. What I’m the most nervous about are the expectations. I want to be the best I can be; I want to impress my editors or at least be above mediocre. But I feel like such a baby as far as a real newsroom goes. I suppose that’s the purpose of this course and of the Missouri Method.

I just keep telling myself, that as long as I do my best no one can ask any more of me!

An inspiring story

Stumbled across this couple’s story on twitter, you can read it here.

A couple, Fred Baldwin and Wendy Watriss, changed their world. As a pair of journalists and photographers, they had an opportunity to cover many important events, such as the Agent Orange controversy in Vietnam and Martin Luther King here in the states. The pair of them had what I consider to be the ultimate journalist’s dream: to both immerse oneself in the world and use one’s talents to change what’s around you.

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The future is in focus

So, I can’t remember where I heard about this. But there’s a new camera in development called a Lytro, and you can change the focus of a picture after you take it.

Watch the video and read a quick article about it here.

Is this crazy or what?! I guess this post goes along with my last one about advancements in technology, but this one had a little more impact on me as a photographer. At first I thought, there’s no way this will work. But after watching the video, I knew I had to come to terms with the possibility.

As our speaker Keith mentioned, older journalists are scared to death of all the new developments. Not to sound like one of those people, but when I watched the video, it scared me to death. Yes, Lytro is in its baby stage but it will definitely get better. To sound like a traditionalist, I feel like more will be lost than gained with this new device. Where is the skill? The art? The taste? If you can change and tweak everything after the fact, then does it really take any skills to be a photographer after these hit the market?

With that said, I’m sure that’s what old photographers thought about Photoshop.