Venting… Professor Agran said that was OK!

So one of our upcoming assignments will be to start playing with video. Some of my classmates and I were discussing the task.

I’m terrified.

Let me just say, I really dislike videography. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are some great videos out there. Some people are very talented at capturing video and making it look good. What I don’t understand, is how.

It’s easy to set up a camera in a big crowd of people and get a naturalistic sequence of general ambient movement and sound. But what do you do after that? How do you do video without it being fake? When I am taking photographs, it never feels like I am posing my subject, or guiding anything but my camera. That’s how it’s supposed to feel. But I feel like those sample principles don’t apply to video. When I see videos, they always seem so fake. The subject look uncomfortable and I can tell they are acting for the videographer. But when I see photos, I can see that they are natural, that they’ve forgotten about the photographer. Is this the quality of work I have to resign myself to with videography? Filming is something I have to get used to. It’s not really practical to think that I can remain simply a photographer. But it’s still hard to come to terms with it.

I should also mention that Final Cut and I are not friends. While I understand that it is an amazing piece of technology, for me it’s like working with a donkey. A really, really stubborn donkey. At my workplace I have begun to use FCP more frequently, and there are times I get so frustrated that I have to check my email or something to relax! Ugh! Sounds stupid and immature, but my tolerance level for it is so low. It always seems to do the opposite of what I tell it.

I’m hoping that the things I learn in this class will develop my videography skills and help me gain more experience. I know it will boost my talents when working with multimedia. But I don’t think videography can ever replace the special place I reserve in my heart for photography.

Speaking of that, I finally found a topic! I am working with a man named Bruce Martin, owner and sole employee of Show-Me Harness Shop and Saddle Repair. This man is amazing, and I can’t wait to tell you all more about him… in my next post! 🙂

As a tease, here’s a photo I got while at his place. Can I just take pictures of horses for a career? All my favorite pictures I’ve taken involve horses. No joke:

Bruce Martin owns a two horse harness team. His horses are Halflingers, a breed created from Arabians and Mountain Ponies. This is his second set.


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