Guitar Lessons

Here’s a heads-up for what we’ll be going into during class. I found a wonderful example of the marriage of audio and photography in soundslides.

The story is an 80 year old woman who decided she finally had the time to take guitar lessons. She is adorable, especially since the whole group of people is mostly older women. The slideshow is easy to listen and watch, if maybe a little slower than normal. It is a good tempo for the audio and subject matter.

Betty Udesen, the photographer captured many photos: the typical wide, medium, tight amongst others. Her detail shots, in particular, drew my attention. She found many interesting angles and used some of the artistic compositional elements we discussed in class, such as leading lines and repeating shapes. My favorite photos occurred at 1:04 and 0:10. Udesen managed to incorporate such elegance and brilliant color all into her photos.

The slide show’s audio reflects some of the things we have been learning in lab. Ambiance and natural sounds mix with interviews to complete the package. She captured the voices of the class participants, the music of the guitar, and the voice of the teacher instructing to fade in and out during her interviews. Overall, I found the piece’s simple elegance captivating, but also instructive. Hope you all enjoy it too!




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