Always on duty

Many times, as a budding journalist, sometimes finding a story seems to be a constant struggle. Sometimes I agonize over talking to people, trying to dredge up a story, or narrowing down my topic. However, after lecture this week I realized that I’m probably making it too hard on myself.

The video we watched in lecture arose from an off-duty journalist who happened to overhear a conversation between a Walmart shopper and a greeter. From that conversation, he heard a tidbit that made him want to learn more. From that grew an award winning story.

I began thinking about all the things I’d heard or seen, when I thought “I want to know more!” One of the first things that came to mind was a place I passed by on my way to a work assignment. I was in Ashland, Mo., not in Columbia; and I passed by a tack and saddle repair shop. Even at the time I wanted to know more about the place. I love horses, and I used to own three. My love for them has never died but as high school began I ran out of time to spend on my hobbies. When I saw the tack shop, it made a connection.

My other project ideas had fallen through, and I was brainstorming for a new idea when I remembered the tack shop. When I remembered, I couldn’t recall the name or its exact location, so I drove to Ashland to find the place. When I realized it was someone’s actual house, I decided to call instead of barging right in. However, I haven’t heard back. I will attempt to contact them again tomorrow. However when I listened to their voicemail and left a message, it sounded just like the story I was hoping for!


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