In the future

Today, Amy Simons gave us some new ideas about blogs. She encouraged us to make a blog outside of this one and talk about something we’re passionate about. Anything- cupcakes, Rangers, fitness. She showed us several other fun blogs, complete with creative colors, external links, and custom designs.

It got me thinking about this blog.  I know this is required for class, but we are asked reflect on something that I am passionate about: multimedia journalism. I really love journalism and anything involving photography. So why not start with this blog? I’m not sure if I want to keep blogging about photography forever, though. So I have decided to keep this blog throughout my career as a Missouri School of Journalism student. I am going to blog about climbing through the J-School; my successes and failures and memories. Is that too close to home? Maybe it would only be interesting to me, or my mom. But making it out of here alive and well is something I am very passionate about. Maybe some day I will start a new blog about something else. But I hope to keep this blog going until I graduate, through studying abroad, getting an internship… everything!

Maybe in the meantime I can start doing something like this …. But I don’t know! It will take some bravery on my part. There are so many moments when I say, “Oh, I wish I had my camera!” This would definitely solve that problem! May I’ll give it a try. I might start out easy, only carrying my camera once a week or something and easing into more frequent ventures.


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