Eeny Meeny Miny Mo…

For my semester long 2150 project, I am torn between two ideas. My first idea is to cover a local animal sanctuary, called . With tigers, lions, llamas, and various farm animals, the sanctuary would offer rich visuals and possibly attractive audios.
My roommate had to volunteer there for a class last semester. I think I will have plenty of sources, from the owners and caretakers to the volunteers. Neighbors and veterinarians would be other additional sources. I have not yet begun contacting the sanctuary or possible sources as of yet, but it is a project for the near future.
My personal connection to this story is not a deep one– I just really love animals. I heard my roommate talking about this place and I am just very curious about it. How did the Dales- the married couple who started the sanctuary are both named Dale- choose Mid-Missouri to start a sanctuary? Where do these animals come from? I also want to know if the incident in Ohio has changed the way they operate their sanctuary.
My second idea is a story about multiculturalism at Hickman High School in Columbia. I come from a small town, where the racial distribution is probably  99% white. However, I am fascinated by other cultures and how they all weave into one society, especially in a contained area like Hickman. I want to know how culture, identity, and acceptance all tie together. As the culturally-undeveloped baby journalist that I am, I think this would not only be a good story but would really bring true learning and development for me.
This seems like the obvious choice here, right? But this story, I think, will definitely bring about so many more challenges. First of all, it’s getting permission. Once again, I have not begun contacting sources yet.
The subject itself is also very broad. I will need to find something within the topic to focus on. I’m thinking about trying to find a teacher connected to the story, or maybe the principal.
It’s a difficult choice- a story with fewer obstacles about something I love? Or the story with roadblocks that will really test me?

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